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Cole Collins Recording Direct to Vinyl in NYC

Charleston multi-instrumentalist Cole Collins is heading up to New York City this week to record a direct-to-vinyl session with Leesta Vall Sound Recordings. Cole will be in the Leesta Vall studio on Friday, April 27th.

The Leesta Vall Office Sessions are run in a unique and interesting way. Instead of your typical live session, where the artist’s performance is filmed and recorded and subsequently released on Youtube, these sessions are recorded directly to a 7′ vinyl, meaning that each song is one-of-a-kind. It offers an interesting way for artists to connect with their fans, who pre-order an original recording of a particular song that the artist will then record just for them.

Cole Collins is offering pre-orders of “Cinema”, “Studious People”, “The Story & The Dream”, and an untitled, unreleased song. You can pre-order your unique vinyl cut here.