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Find Extra Chill at SXSW: March 10-16

If you’re stumbling across this during or after SXSW, you probably met me throughout the week. There’s a chance I gave you, or you found an Extra Chill sticker (see above).

Thanks for checking out Extra Chill! I listed some handy info here for curious people who want to stay in touch or learn more about what we do here.

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What is Extra Chill?

Extra Chill is a grassroots music blog based in Charleston, SC, founded in 2011. We cover the local music scene and book shows in Charleston, including an annual music festival called Extra Chill Fest.

Learn more: The History of Extra Chill

What Are We Doing at SXSW?

I am at SXSW to cover the event via a gonzo-style review to be published after the event. I’m walking around Austin with a camera and a notebook in my pocket to facilitate this.

I’m hoping to meet new people, find new artists and people to work with, and overall have a good time exploring Austin and this wonderful festival.

If you want to read what I think is my best concert review to date, check out my review of Peach Music Festival 2023.