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Cole Collins – “Call Me Alien”

Songwriter and musician Cole Collins dropped a new single, “Call Me Alien,” on Friday. The artist celebrated the release with a show at Lofi Brewing with Columbia-based band Rex Darling.

“Call Me Alien” is bold, with electronic touches that glitter with metallic intensity as Collins’ vocals echo and reverberate.

“There’s nothing I can hide / I’m functioning with five /  A new conception of my own kind / In a superior mind,” he sings. There’s a big build up of guitar and synths, and the drums burst and bang with urgency.

Collins takes his vocals to a near-shout, then brings them back down, the soundscape expanding and contracting in a kind of intergalactical spectacle.

The close of the track ushers in a jam of sorts, with synth and guitar zooming against one another amidst ominous repeated lines from Collins.

“Call Me Alien” is an entertaining jaunt through sci-fi-influenced electro pop rock that brings to mind matters of technology, AI, and questions of the universe that seem to grow more and more present in our consciousness.

Stream “Call Me Alien” by Cole Collins below.