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Cicala Release Self-Titled Full Length Album

Today, Myrtle Beach indie rock band Cicala have released their self-titled full-length album, their first full-length release since 2019’s Post Country. The album was released on the Acrobat Unstable imprint, whom Cicala signed a deal with earlier this year.

After just one playthrough this album is already my favorite record that Quinn Cicala & company have released to date. And that’s saying something, because if you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time you know we’ve long been fans of Quinn Cicala’s songwriting. I’d say this record is even more post country than Post Country, and it seems they’ve finally dialed in the right amount of twang that gives this band a unique take on modern emo. The songs are catchy and emotionally honest and if you’ve ever been cynically confused then you’ll probably find something to relate with here.

I’d like to write a longer review when I have more time, but for now listen to Cicala by Cicala below, if you know what’s good for you.