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Veja Du – “TV Land” (Video)

Veja Du is a Charleston electronic project formed by former Beach Tiger members Zac Crocker and Blake Shorter. Last year, the duo released an impressive self-titled debut album that is part of a multifaceted creative concept. The album Veja Du is based on a short fantasy novella called A Fantasy of Inter-Dimensional Consequence that was written by Zac, and that Veja Du plans to release in paperback form. Another facet of Veja Du’s creative vision is some 35mm photography shot by Blake, and as of this morning, a music video for the song “TV Land”.

Though the music video is not a literal interpretation of the story, Zac says it’s been crafted to conjure up the mood and atmosphere of the worlds explored in the story, and also serves as a lyric video.

Zac explains the general outline of A Fantasy of Inter-Dimensional Consequence:

“The story chronicles the main character’s descent into a fever dream like fantasy world where he is guided by an alien like gypsy creature through scenes from his memories and eventually joins a lively caravan of wagon trains that are perpetually spiraling down a black hole. Throughout the story he learns to appreciate life and eventually manages to find himself back in the real world, with no recollection of the experience, just the faint feeling of deja vu. (spoiler) hence our band name.”

Veja Du was produced by Matt Zutell of Coast Records, and in addition to Zac and Blake, the album features Dries Vandenburg (SUSTO, Human Resources) on guitar and Aaron Utterback (HR) on bass, though on “TV Land” bass is played by Jamichael Brockingham.

Check out the music video for “TV Land” by Veja Du below.