Beach Tiger – “Hard To Love”

After premiering yesterday along with a detailed writeup in Atwood Magazine, the new Beach Tiger single “Hard To Love” hit the world this morning. This track is the first official single release from Beach Tiger since the 3-track EP Easy Livin’ Dreaming that was released in early 2019, and according to what Beach Tiger’s Taylor McCleskey told Atwood, it’s the start of a new era for Beach Tiger.

Taylor says that he’s entering into what he’s calling Beatles Ten, in which he will mirror the release schedule of The Beatles: a single every 3 months and a full album every 6 months. This is a big step for Beach Tiger, whom have basically only released singles in their entire existence as a band. Either way, a full-length Beach Tiger album is confirmed at this point, and maybe even another before the year is out.

“Hard To Love” is an upbeat electronic dance song that can hardly contain Taylor’s excitement to be releasing more music. If there were any nightclubs open, “Hard To Love” would already be spinning during the lunch hour. You can still dance in your living room, though.

Listen to “Hard To Love” by Beach Tiger below.

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