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The Quaran-Stream to Feature Multi-Venue Live Streamed Performances

With all musicians currently out of work thanks to the global Coronavirus pandemic, and the entire music industry taking a hit as a whole, now is the time to get creative about delivering music to the people. Atlas Touring has cooked up an event called “The Quaran-Stream” that will do just that. They’ve put together a festival lineup of sorts featuring artists from all over the East Coast, who will all perform live-streamed sets this coming Thursday, March 24th from 3pm to 11pm.

The actual performances will take place in a few different regions, including at venues the Charleston Pour House and The Basement in Nashville, and the streams will be linked together on the main Quaran-Stream, which you can find at The stream will be donation based, with proceeds going directly to the artists.

Artists scheduled to perform include Little Stranger, Mo Lowda & the Humble, The Vegabonds, Kendall St. Company, Little Bird, Desert Noises, Schema, Sam Burchfield, Stoop Kids, Three Star Revival, Rare Creatures, Easy Honey, Tom Mackell, and Harpooner.

Full schedule is below:

3:30pm – 4pm: Sam Burchfield – Atlanta, GA – Sam’s House
4pm – 4:30pm: Tom Mackell – Charleston, SC – Charleston Pour House
4:30pm – 5pm: Three Star Revival – Nashville, TN – The Basement Nashville
5pm – 5:30pm: Easy Honey – Charleston, SC – Charleston Pour House
5:30pm – 6pm: Harpooner – Nashville, TN – The Basement
6pm – 6:30pm: Rare Creatures – Charleston, SC – Charleston Pour House
6:30pm – 7pm: Stoop Kids – Nashville, TN – The Basement
7pm – 7:30pm: Schema -Charleston, SC – Charleston Pour House
7:30pm – 8pm: Desert Noises – Nashville, TN – The Basement
8pm – 8:30pm: Little Bird – Charleston, SC – Charleston Pour House
8:30pm – 9pm: Mo Lowda & the Humble – Philly, PA – Mo Lowda HQ
9pm – 9:30pm: Little Stranger – Charleston, SC – Charleston Pour House
9:30pm – 10pm: The Vegabonds – Nashville TN – The Basement
10pm – Close: Kendall Street Company – Charlottesville VA – KSC’s HQ