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Easy Honey – “Body Language”

You might remember a couple weeks back when Easy Honey released “The Gruel”, and I said that we would probably hear about the album soon. Well, Extra Chill strikes again, because this morning Easy Honey released a new song called “Body Language” and confirmed the release of their double EP, Maritime Love Affair, which they recorded and co-produced at Coast Records with Matt Zutell, and sent along to the Godfather Matt Garber for mastering.

Instead of releasing it all at once, Easy Honey has decided to split the release of Maritime Love Affair in two. “Body Language” is the third song we’ve heard from Part One thus far, and the band plans to release the fourth and final song at the end of August, thus completing the full package for Maritime Love Affair Pt. 1.

“Body Language” is yet another good song from Easy Honey, and falls back in line with the slower tempos that I personally prefer and think they excel with. I’m also really digging the oomph that comes from the lead guitar tone and the volume of the drums in the mix. I think I’ll hand it to Zutell for that one. I’m excited to hear the rest of these songs.

Listen to “Body Language” by Easy Honey below.