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Little Bird – “Mega Hot Super Babe”

Little Bird have just released a new single called “Mega Hot Super Babe”, their first new single in almost a year. Despite the ridiculous song title, and the fact that those words are actually lyrics in the song, “Mega Hot Super Babe” is groovy as hell, and is easily the most impressed I’ve ever been by a Little Bird release.

Little Bird has a habit of writing ridiculous lyrics, as evidenced by the hook on their biggest song, “Honey Leak”, which comes from their 2018 album Familiar. The difference here is that when I first heard that “I let my phone die today” line from “Honey Leak”, I wanted to change the song, and “Mega Hot Super Babe” has me listening on repeat while I write this.

The reason why “Mega Hot Super Babe” works is the approach. Instead of a heady, jazzy approach, Little Bird goes in a synth-pop direction and makes it fun. That lets them get away with lyrics of questionable merit because it doesn’t try too hard or take itself too seriously. Kudos to Little Bird.

Listen to “Mega Hot Super Babe” below.