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Young Mister – “Keep My Mind Off You” (Live at Reunion Tour)

This past Friday, Young Mister released a self-made live session featuring “Keep My Mind Off You” off his new album Sudden Swoon. The video was released with a note that says, “That’s fine, I’ll start my own live session,” because apparently the big shots who create the more nationally known live sessions won’t give him the time of day. Young Mister recorded this at his newly-opened recording studio slash skate shop in Tryon, NC, called Reunion Tour.

I’ll be the first to say that the big shots with their fancy live sessions are missing out on a fantastic songwriter. If anybody from Audiotree is reading this: book Young Mister for a live session! Better yet, we’ll get Young Mister in Coast Records and make some magic happen on our own budding Youtube channel.

Young Mister is currently touring the Southeast and will be in Charleston tomorrow night for a show at Pure Theatre with Cataldo out of Seattle. Advance tickets are still available for $15 here. This is the first Young Mister performance in Charleston in a hot minute, and it’ll be great to hear the songs off Sudden Swoon in the live setting.

Watch Young Mister’s live session for “Keep My Mind Off You” below, and stay tuned for more content coming out of Reunion Tour in the future.