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The Simplicity – “PAIN RELIEVER FEVER REDUCER” (Video)

The Simplicity released the highly-anticipated music video for their latest track, “PAIN RELIEVER FEVER REDUCER,” last weekend. It was directed by Nick Samuels and showcases the band’s sense of both style and humor.

The video opens with a Western-esque introduction of the three musicians, complete with slow motion shots and outlaw background music. 

Bold primary colors abound, lending a retro sense to much of the video that feels right on target for summer viewing enjoyment. 

The trio piles into The Royal American, where Chappa pours them shots. Sugar Ray’s “Every Morning” is playing melodiously in the background, adding levity to the faux-seriousness of the acting.

The rest of the video shows Tommy Merrit running through the street with a bag of contraband. He brings it into the blurry, dimly lit cave that is The Faculty Lounge, where an evaluation of the goods takes place and a masked man whisks the bag out of the bar.

The three men end up back at The Royal American, presenting cash to Chappa. He holds it up to the light and then everyone breaks into laughter.

The video for “PAIN RELIEVER FEVER REDUCER” manages to be both badass and funny, and is the perfect visual representation of the big, energetic rock sound of the track.

Check it out below.