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Premiere: Cry Baby – “Energy”

Last year, Charleston garage rock band Butterfly released an EP called Baby Heartbreak, and a few months later the band released the single “No More Pictures Tonight”. The single displayed a marked shift into a different sonic territory, away from the garage rock sound and toward something closer to funk or pop. Since then, Butterfly has continued their journey into the funk, and with this morning’s release of their new single, “Energy”, the band has officially rebranded themselves as Cry Baby.

“With Butterfly starting as a DIY garage rock project as a means to play house shows around South Carolina, the desire to make the music that had originally gotten me into production returned,” Cry Baby’s Joey Haines says. “I’ve always been obsessed with the sounds of 80’s and 90’s pop, drawing heavily from funk and RnB music. With the addition of Caroline White on vocals, we were able to truly solidify our voice in that world expanding our capabilities as producers greatly.”

As with everything released under the Butterfly project, “Energy” by Cry Baby was recorded entirely in Joey’s house. With the recording complete, they sent the track off to Matthew Garber of For The Record to master the track, and are premiering it this morning with Extra Chill.

“With our live show previously centered around punk rock, our new sound has given us the ability to match that intensity with a typically unpaired music style,” Haines continues. “By approaching funk and RnB with a DIY attitude, ‘Energy’ is just one showcase of our sound as we hope to highlight other aspects of our world with future releases.”

Speaking of future releases, Joey also mentioned that Cry Baby plans to release one single per month until December. Let’s start with “Energy”, though. Stream it below.