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Daddy’s Beemer – “Joan”

This morning Daddy’s Beemer surprised the web with a brand new single. There’s no telling if “Joan” comes as a standalone single or as the lead single off an upcoming album, but I’m putting my money on the latter. They’ve been making a ton of noise lately with new music videos and playing plenty of shows, so it’s only fitting to imagine that they’re building hype for a big project they’ve got in the works. At least that’s what I’ll tell myself.

My first thought upon hearing this song was that I can hear some 80s alternative influence, but that could just be the result of years worth of Stop Making Sense and The Smiths. Either way, “Joan” marks an advancement in the sound of Daddy’s Beemer, who have already found a degree of success with their upbeat brand of loose indie rock songs. The difference here is that instead of making you want to jump around, “Joan” makes you want to sway back and forth.

Here’s to hoping that Daddy’s Beemer has a full-length album in the works. Stream the new single below. Should fit in nicely on a few playlists.