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Kidd Aggie Keeps it Chill with New EP

Photo: Kalyn Oyer

You’ve got the day off and the sun is shining, it’s not too hot, and there’s a nice breeze coming in off the harbor. Anticipating heavy beach traffic you opt instead for a beach chair on your porch, with an ice cold beer from Freehouse in your left hand and five more in a cooler by your feet. You’ve got the whole day ahead of you and there’s a band you want to see downtown later, so you take it easy, pop on Eat A Peach and waste the hours away until the sun goes down. You don’t have much money, but you don’t need much for a day like today.

That’s pretty much the vibe I get when I listen to Kidd Aggie’s new EP, and it’s easy to imagine Logan in such an environment when writing these songs. Swap out the stereo for an acoustic guitar and a notepad and you’ve got the recipe for a Kidd Aggie song. The EP has an old school Charleston vibe, the kind of music you’d listen to between giving carriage tours around Market or through some headphones walking down a cobblestone street in the French Quarter. In fact, I think it would suit to have some outdoor speakers installed in the city market and play this EP on repeat all day long. That would get a ton of people turned on to Kidd Aggie’s lowcountry brand of chill rock music.

Logan comes off as a hardworking family man with an old soul. He’d be happy to talk to anyone about anything, especially if you’ve got a guitar and six pack, but even if you don’t, it’s cool. Logan goes with the flow. He shares his story through a four-song EP that serves you assure you that as long as you keep your head screwed on straight and keep your goals simple there isn’t much that will bother you. Surrounding yourself with friends and family helps, too. Grab your speakers and head outside, plop down in your favorite chair and play that Kidd Aggie EP. Stream it below.