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Tyrie – Fuego Times (Review)

Fire features. Amazing production. Statements to be made. Tyrie just released his first of a series of upcoming EP’s with Fuego Times. Following “All Love” feat Anfernee, Tyrie is aiming to shake the city with a string of #GxldApproved feature tracks from some of Charleston’s most prominent emcees and some up and comers that are worth keeping an eye on.

Fuego Times opens with the track “Worth” feat Jay Gallery. Jay Gallery is a model, designer, graphic artist, professional dancer, and with this drop, he adds the hat of music artist. “Worth” plays with the idea of knowing your worth, not settling for less and not being afraid to hold yourself to a standard of what you know you are worth. Both artist ‘thanos snapped’ over the ambient synths and punchy 808’s, providing verses that dance in the concept of self worth.

A clear example of this is in Jay Gallery’s verse: “see the stock rising/see the money piling/you been feenin’ for the green while I been focused on these diamonds/people shocked now that I’m rhyming/ we been whipping in the stu’/leave a stench like top ramen/see lol shawty tryna find me/see lil shawty think I’m cute/I be actin’ like a Brianna/I pick apart your damn defense now you can call me Kyrie James/cuz I can’t wait to be the King..”

Next in the 3 song EP is “City Drifters” featuring Indi’Gxld. It’s dope to see Tyrie and Indi team up again after the release of their first feature together “Static” released in 2022. But the energy of this song is much different than their first.

“City Drifters” is for the people that only see the end process of your successes or creation, but don’t know or have what it takes to hold that flame and keep it bright. Who better to exude this concept than two artists that represent resilience, consistency, innovation, and drive-Tyrie and Indi’Gxld. Keeping the classic synth driven, bass heavy, experimental production, Tyrie and Indi turn it up a notch and shows that they have ‘what it takes’ to keep the fire burning and show there world there is a difference is doing something and being built for it.

Tyrie closes Fuego Times with “My Oath”. This song hits because it represents Tyrie’s commitment to divine humility and dedication to being respected in his craft in all facets. Over the years, Tyrie has shown time and time again that his work ethic, fresh take on music, and drive is unmatched and sometimes unappreciated, but despite that, he’s made an oath to be formidable presence in music scenes from Charleston and beyond.

“Ima always stand on my toes/I might’ve said some f*** s*** but we all make mistakes/but I’m working on my takes/show my heart on a plate/hope we meet from God’s grace/I’m in a big dawg race/you gotta fight to find your place..”

Fuego Times serves as a perfect introduction to a hot summer from Tyrie. Starting with the first EP installment, leading into his Full Fuego Summer Tour beginning at Lo-Fi Brewery June 3rd for the Charleston Underground Summer Bash. Check out Fuego Times and tap in with Tyrie and catch some shows!!