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Naome Releases New EP, Haunt You (Review)

Last week, former Charleston resident, songwriter, and photographer Mia Naome Al-Taher unveiled a new EP under her solo recording project, Naome. The EP, titled Haunt You, is a collection of four acoustic songs from the now-Austin, TX-based artist, who specializes in conveying emotional memories, fears, and nuances within her songwriting.

Haunt You is the second EP from Naome, following the 2022 june gloom EP and a handful of singles. It was recorded in San Marcos, TX at UpDown Studios, with engineer Jayson Peters.

Of the new EP, Mia says:

Tucked away from the world, these simple sad girl songs were brought to life. These songs are very special to me because they all fell out of my brain very quickly and felt a part of the same little creative home. I’m very excited to share this piece of art as it feels elevated from past releases and the best writing I’ve done yet. 

Mia Naome Al-Taher on the Haunt You EP.

The songs on Haunt You touch on themes of growing older, moving forward with life, and letting go of expired relationships, however reluctant that process may be at times. Running through it all is a thread of bittersweet sadness.

Mia brings in various images from daily life to illustrate this in poetic fashion, such as in the second track, “Just Yet”. She sings, “Bought a basil plant from the grocery store / It’s been so boring watching it grow / It’s strange how fast time goes without someone there / Without you here.”

The whole EP is decorated in similar fashion, with some moments reflecting direct memories and more intense feelings. On the final track, “Lobster Red”, she sings, “The radio is up so loud / Not even screaming drowns you out / Stuck in traffic, you were crying / Let me go, let me go / I’m trying.”

Prior to moving to Austin, I always thought of Mia as more of a photographer than a songwriter. Her work was some of the best stuff around, with countless examples, including the time when Tyler Childers used her photo as his Spotify profile picture.

Today, Mia continues to evolve as an artist, regularly offering honest, heartfelt songwriting of her own, and we love to see it.

Listen to the new EP, Haunt You, by Naome below.