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How to Find Good Spotify Playlists

Finding great Spotify playlists can often feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, given the sheer volume of options available. However, by using smart strategies and knowing where to look, you can uncover playlists that truly resonate with your musical taste.

Exploring the “Discovered On” Section of Your Favorite Artists

A straightforward method to find good Spotify playlists is to visit the profiles of artists you admire. On an artist’s Spotify profile, there’s a section titled “Discovered On.” This section lists the playlists where the artist’s songs have been featured.

By exploring these playlists, you not only find music similar to your favorite artists but also discover new music that aligns with your taste. This method is particularly effective because it’s based on your already established musical preferences.

Discovering Extra Chill’s New Music Radar Playlist

For those who are keen on staying updated with the latest tracks, Extra Chill’s New Music Radar playlist is a treasure trove. This playlist is carefully hand-curated and updated weekly by the Extra Chill team. It features a diverse selection of new music, offering something fresh and exciting for listeners. The variety and the care put into updating this playlist make it an excellent choice for those seeking new musical experiences.

Leveraging r/Spotify Subreddit for Playlist Sharing

Another fantastic resource for discovering Spotify playlists is the r/Spotify subreddit. This community is primarily dedicated to sharing and discussing Spotify playlists. By participating in this subreddit, you can find playlists curated by other users, share your own, and engage in discussions about music.

This platform allows you to tap into the collective knowledge and taste of a large group of music enthusiasts, which can lead to some remarkable playlist discoveries.


In conclusion, finding good Spotify playlists doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By exploring the “Discovered On” section of your favorite artists, checking out curated playlists like Extra Chill’s New Music Radar, and engaging with communities like r/Spotify, you can uncover a wealth of musical gems waiting to be explored.