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Does Spotify Count Your Own Streams?

Spotify, the popular music streaming platform, has always intrigued artists and listeners alike with its streaming counts and algorithm. A frequently asked question is: Does Spotify count your own streams if you’re an artist streaming your music?

The answer is yes, Spotify does count streams from the artist, provided the track is played for longer than 30 seconds, just like it would count any other stream.

The Reality of Streaming Your Own Music

The idea of streaming your own music on Spotify might seem like a quick way to boost numbers. Technically, you could leave your tracks on repeat all day. However, the actual impact of this practice on your music career is negligible.

While it might help you cross a thousand streams, which can be a significant psychological milestone for upcoming artists, it’s unlikely to have any substantial career-changing effects.

The Minuscule Impact

Streaming your own music might not land you on Spotify’s coveted playlists. These playlists are often gateways to wider recognition and audience growth. They are curated based on a mix of algorithmic analysis and human editorial decisions. Repeatedly playing your track is unlikely to influence these decisions significantly, though it may get the song stuck in your head.

The Psychological Aspect

There’s also a psychological aspect to consider. Reaching milestones like a thousand streams solely through your efforts might offer a sense of achievement.

However, knowing that these numbers were self-generated might not be as fulfilling. Authentic growth, driven by real listeners, often carries more weight in an artist’s journey.

Spotify’s Complex Algorithm

Over the years, Spotify has continuously evolved its algorithm to become more sophisticated. It’s designed to detect and possibly disregard artificial inflation of plays.

This includes repeated streams from a single account or unusual streaming patterns. The platform’s aim is to provide a fair and authentic experience for both artists and listeners.

The Implications of Algorithm Detection

If Spotify’s algorithm detects artificial streaming activities, it may not only ignore these streams but could also potentially impact the visibility of your tracks on the platform. Spotify’s goal is to promote genuine engagement, and any manipulation of streaming numbers is likely frowned upon.


Streaming your own music on Spotify will count, but it’s a drop in the ocean in terms of making a significant impact on your career. The platform’s complex algorithm is likely to recognize and possibly negate such strategies.

As an artist, focusing on creating quality content and genuinely engaging with your audience is a more sustainable path to success.