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How to Add Concerts to Your Spotify Artist Page

spotify logo and how to add concerts to spotify artist page

If you use Spotify, you have probably noticed the “On Tour” box that shows up when an artist has an upcoming concert near you, and you might have even seen the “Concerts” tab that lists all of an artist’s upcoming tour dates. If you’re an artist, it’s obviously in your best interests to add your concerts to Spotify. With more than 200 million monthly active users, Spotify is an excellent tool not only for getting your music in front of more listeners, but with its “On Tour” and concert listing capabilities, Spotify can also help you get more people out to your shows. That’s the whole reason you’re still doing this, right?

So how exactly do you add concerts to your Spotify artist page?

According to the Spotify for Artists website, an artist’s concerts are automatically synced to Spotify when they are listed on either Ticketmaster, Songkick, Eventbrite, or AXS. If you’re an up-and-coming local artist, the one you want to use is Songkick. Ticketmaster, Eventbrite, and AXS are major ticketing platforms, and the concerts included in their listings are generally major touring acts.

Songkick is a local-focused event aggregator, and uploading your concerts to Songkick is an extremely simple process. Literally anybody can do it, which is why you have no excuse to not have your concerts on Spotify. Once you upload to Songkick, your concerts will show up on your Spotify artist page, and if a listener lives nearby the “On Tour” box will display your upcoming concert just below your popular songs section.

Adding Your Concerts to Songkick

Adding an event to Songkick is so easy that there is no excuse to not be doing it. Spotify isn’t the only app that pulls concert data from Songkick, either. There are many apps and websites with events listings that are powered by Songkick, including the Charleston concert calendar on Extra Chill. That means if you’re local to Charleston, and you add your concert to Songkick, it will show up both on Spotify and on our events calendar. Let’s get your concerts on Spotify.

1. Make an Account

If you’re reading this article, it means that you have internet access which means that there is nothing to stop you from going to and making an account to get your concerts on Spotify. Songkick makes it even simpler by allowing you to create an account and login using either Facebook or Spotify. So open a new tab in your browser, go make a Songkick account or login if you already have one, and then move on to step two.

2. Click “Add an event”

On every single page of the Songkick website, if you scroll to the very bottom, you’ll find a link in the center that says “Add an event”. Click on that, and it will bring you to a page that allows you to choose if your event is a concert or a festival. Pick one and you’ll be taken to a very simple form that allows you to enter details about your concert including the venue, supporting artists, and door time. Plug in the details specific to your show and press submit, and voila, your concert is now on Songkick. Repeat the process as needed until you’ve got your entire tour listed on there.

I’ll make it easy. This link right here will take you to Songkick’s ‘Add an event’ page. Once you add your concerts to Songkick, they will automatically be added to your Spotify artist page.

3. Profit

We all know that streaming payouts from Spotify and other major streaming platforms is laughably low, but streaming is also the most common way that people listen to music nowadays, so it’s something that artists have to get used to if they want to find success in today’s world. The reality of the modern music industry is that if you want to make money playing music, you have to get people to come out to your shows. Your fans are hopefully listening to your music on Spotify, and now that you know how to get your concerts on Spotify, your fans are that much more likely to come out at see you play. Now you just have to win them over when they do!