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Leopard Lee – “Enchanter”

Leopard Lee, frontman of the Charleston-based psychedelic rock band Leopard and the Diamond Sky, just released “Enchanter”, the latest single from his solo electronic production project.

Lee’s solo material comes from the same open, experimental musical sphere as the band, but here Lee is even more free to let his creativity wander, lending this endeavor its own distinct energy.

“Enchanter” is driven by a deep bass drum that takes on a sort of futuristic tribal rhythm, as synths surround it with an immersive soundscape. Distorted vocals also join the mix, resulting in a quirky, yet interesting listen that is right on brand for Leopard Lee.

The track was released on Friday, September 1st in promotion of Leopard Lee’s recent “Prime Time” performance downtown at Cutty’s in support of Fake Fever, who was celebrating his new album Inside The Well.

In the Instagram post announcing the album’s release, Lee shared that this is the first single from Prime Time #2, a follow-up to his debut album under this project in 2021.

Stream the new track, “Enchanter” by Leopard Lee below.