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Keon Masters – “I Doubt It”

Keon Masters dropped a new single, “I Doubt It,” on Friday. This is the latest in a string of releases that Masters recorded at Big Trouble Recording in Atlanta, making up the new EP No Problem, which comes out this Friday, August 5th.

With an intentionally choppy pace and vocals that imply just the hint of an echo, “I Doubt It” has a David Byrne-esque quality, melded with sun-soaked, beach-town sensibility. 

Lyrically, the song contains musings on long-term relationships, with lines like “Thanks for sticking around / It’s been a decade now” and “Would you be with you / Would I be with me / I doubt it.” 

The track closes with a big, symphonic, harmonized repetition of the line “You’re my ride or die,” ending the contemplation on a note that ultimately suggests an unwavering bond with a partner.

Stream “I Doubt It” by Keon Masters below.