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Leopard and the Diamond Sky – “Come N Go” (Video)

At some point over the past few months, the Charleston band Community Pool quietly transformed into a new entity called Leopard and the Diamond Sky. Don’t ask questions, it’s one of those 2020 things. Like Extra Chill writing about the Grateful Dead and plants. The whole world is evolving, and so are Leopard and the Diamond Sky.

I’ll admit that when I first saw the name in my feed I was confused, and I didn’t fully catch on to what I was seeing. I’ve been hoodwinked. But the name is starting to grow on me. It’s psychedelic and weird, which is pretty spot on to how the music of Leopard and the Diamond Sky sounds.

Last Friday, they released their second single, “Come N Go”, along with a music video shot with some retro filters and purple lighting. The band is standing side by side and you can clearly see that none of them have lost their personalities, but they’ve gained a whole lot of sexy harmonies.

“Come and Go” follows the release of debut single “Magick” back in October. Both releases came on the Secret Cottage imprint that was originally started by Community Pool.

Watch the video for “Come N Go” by Leopard and the Diamond Sky below.