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CannonandtheBoxes Release Full-Length Debut Album, High Life

Looking at the above album cover, you might expect High Life by CannonandtheBoxes to be an album filled with stoner garage rock that’s all about, well, getting high.

While the full-length debut from Athens, GA-based CannonandtheBoxes (not a typo, Cannon was into Tumblr) does contain a subtle helping of that “I Inhaled” energy, the real meat of this record is tender songs that are more along the lines of Something Corporate, Deer Tick, and Phoebe Bridgers than 311 and Sublime. The result is a lyrical exploration of folk rock with a little bit of that good ole Georgia twang.

Fronted by Cannon Rogers, also known as current tour manager and occasional steel guitar player with our friends SUSTO, CannonandtheBoxes bring heartfelt soft rock songs that have a sentimental, nostalgic feel. Each song feels like an emotional snapshot, taken from a box of memories throughout Cannon’s life.

“High Life”, the title track, fittingly offers a walk down memory lane as Cannon describes his upbringing and the rag-tag first band he ever played in, a J. Cole cover group, and continues to the relatable state of being isolated and paranoid during the pandemic.

The songs all have this same kind of oddball energy to them, making High Life a pleasing listen all the way through. Keep an eye on CannonandtheBoxes, and stream High Life below.