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Mopheads – “Thick of It”

Today, Charleston’s Zoe Whitakker (Zoe Child) and Brave Baby’s Steven Walker unveil their new project, Mopheads, with the release of the debut single “Thick of It”. According to Zoe’s recent Instagram post, she wrote this tune about her now-sober father and his struggle with alcoholism. Sung with a high-pitched urgency, Zoe explores memories of the impact that this had on her life growing up. As Zoe is also a classically-trained violinist, we also hear some violin floating over the driving force of the instrumental arrangement. While the upbeat arrangement does mix well with the anxiety present in the subject matter, I can’t help but think that this song would sound better if it were slowed down a bit.

Listen to “Thick of It” by Mopheads below.