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Doom Flamingo – “Peaches & Bobbi”

Doom Flamingo’s newest song, “Peaches & Bobbi,” was released the last week of January. The tune is the final single and title track from the band’s debut full-length album, which drops on February 10th. 

“Peaches & Bobbi” is a sensual, textured track with vibrant instrumentation and big-band energy. It begins with drums and the tingle of a xylophone, setting up a playful atmosphere. A mischievous bass riff adds to the sense of whimsy, while Doom’s signature metallic guitar sound drives up the intensity.

Kanika Moore sings of “peaches melting” on her plate, her voice heady and hedonistic. The heat rises in the chorus as she proclaims “I can give you new sensations.”

At the close of the track, the guitar sound picks all the way up, ending with an explosion of sound that you can picture filling a stadium. 

Stream “Peaches & Bobbi” below while you wait for the arrival of the full album, and don’t forget to snag tickets to Doom Flamingo’s two-night show at the Charleston Pour House February 17th and 18th.