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tree limbs release new EP To Mold Again

Indie rock group tree limbs dropped a new EP, To Mold Again, this weekend. The project features five guitar and bass-driven tracks that range from breezy to listlessly downtempo, vocals that are at once vivid and vaporous, and plenty of fuzz.

The first track, “Your Morning,” was released as a single early this year. It’s the lightest of the bunch, with gentle, pop-tinged melody and easy guitar groove. 

“In Hours” follows, and it’s darker, with a grittier guitar presence. It establishes a shoegaze-leaning sound that will be consistent throughout the EP. 

The next song, “Name,” is sort of smudgy, bass-driven track with a slow beat and ethereal vocals. All of the guitars pick up intensity for a burst of all-out, big band noise at the close of the track, and it’s easy to imagine how satisfying it would be to hear tree limbs play it live. 

A deep, echoing feedback peppers the bass line of “Imaginary Amends,” the second-to-last-track of the EP, almost calling to mind a darker 80s/early 90s alternative sound until the vocals come in, which are a crisper. Steady, quick percussion leads the song from start to finish. 

The EP closes with “Happy One,” a song that recalls the aforementioned shoegaze, but with a precisely rendered bass line that, to me, brings to mind the quietly panging desperation in slower emo songs from the early 2000s, with a touch of the airiness shown by more recent indie pop acts like Toledo.

To Mold Again manages to showcase both the band’s talent for pulling off distinctly layered instrumentation and the versatility of singer Elijah Sky Springs’s vocals.

We’re so excited that tree limbs will be joining us at Extra Chill Fest at the Charleston Pour House this coming Saturday, August 19th. Make sure to snag your tickets so you get a chance to see them, and all of the other incredible acts, live at one of the most fun venues in town. 

In the meantime, you can check out To Mold Again below.