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Rain Can’t Stop The Vegabonds’ Sold Out Windjammer Show (Photos)

The Vegabonds at The Windjammer. Photo by Mikayla DiDonato (@mikaylamariefilm).

On Saturday, July 30th, Nashville-based rock band The Vegabonds performed a sold out show on the Windjammer’s NÜTRL Beach Stage. The weather that night looked grim and dark skies gave way to heavy rains in the early part of the show, but that didn’t stop this party.

Despite the foul conditions, both the band and the sold-out crowd raged on. As day turned to night, the skies cleared for the latter part of the show and made for an unforgettable evening at one of Charleston’s finest musical establishments.

The Vegabonds have been on the road all year on the wings of more than a decade’s worth of releases, with breakout track “Shaky Hands” recently crossing over 5 million plays on Spotify. In May they released a new EP called Tom Petty and the Braves featuring a cast of their friends including none other than Womz of Futurebirds.

Their most recent release, “Interstate Cowboy”, entered the world in June and features Sam Burchfield, spouse of our friend Pip the Pansy. The song recounts a free lifestyle on the road that is not without its lonely pitfalls, a common trope in rock & roll, in The Vegabonds’ own Southern style.

See a gallery of photos from the Windjammer show below. All photos by Mikayla DiDonato (@mikaylamariefilm).

All photos by Mikayla DiDonato (@mikaylamariefilm).