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The Meaning of Tyler Childers’ “Ever Lovin’ Hand”

Tyler Childers is known for his heartfelt songwriting that is able to connect with readers emotionally and nostalgically via images of daily life, nature, and an overarching universality to it all. Many of his songs are quite deep and capable of conveying powerful feelings.

“Ever Lovin’ Hand”, released on Childers’ 2019 album Country Squire, is one such example of this songwriting talent, however rather than trying to tackle the meaning of life, the lyrics in this song depict the lonely life of being faithfully married and on the road without your spouse.

Tyler’s response to this loneliness, as so eloquently described in the lyrics to this song, is to engage in text message conversations with his wife, Senora May. These conversations eventually lead to what you’d call “dirty talk”, which of course results in Tyler conducting a healthy form of self-love: masturbation.

While there is an inherent comedy in this image, the underlying current is one that is quite touching, no pun intended, when you consider his current status as country music icon. His decision to resort to self-love rather than succomb to the human temptations that likely present themselves to him on the road is a sign of a deep love and commitment.

Of course, the song is also for fun. But it can also be seen as a form of reassurance to a loved one, with the message being: don’t worry, I’m alone in my hotel room, thinking of you.

“Ever Lovin’ Hand” Lyrics Meaning

With the basics covered, let’s lather up and wrap ourselves around the meaning that Tyler has woven into “Ever Lovin’ Hand”, with a deeper analysis of the lyrics.

It all begins with the first verse, which features Tyler alone in the hotel, missing his lover. He describes the scene in great detail:

They got my favorite lotion here
Something in a hotel I admire
I got the pictures that you sent me
And how they fill me with desire
Tonight, we’ve all got our own rooms
I’m about to burn mine down
‘Cause I miss you somethin’ fierce
In this quaint New England town
I read the texts you whispered plain
Everything you aim to do
I sure do like the way you think
That’s the way I’m thinking too
I see it play out in my mind
You and I unite as one
The van don’t leave ’til 10 AM
And we’ve only just begun

First verse to “Ever Lovin’ Hand” by Tyler Childers.

Right off the bat, he notices the lotion in his hotel room, stating that he always loves when a hotel has good lotion. He’s ready to go, with pictures that she sent him, and he’s got his own room for the night.

He’s got a fire inside him and he’s ready to burn his hotel room. He’s in New England this time, reading his wife’s texts back to him, which describe the things she’d like to do to him. Tyler agrees with his wife’s descriptions, stating that he’d like to do those things to her, too.

For the rest of the night, they connect so deeply that it’s almost as if they’re physically together. He’s got a somewhat late start in the morning, as they don’t hit the road until 10am, and as he says, they’re just getting started.

This leads into the chorus, which declares that this song goes out to his wife, and then continues to describe his actions:

This one here goes out to you
Lord, wherever you may be
When you’re reaching for the fruit
I pray you’ll fondly think of me
It gets so hard out on the road
But I’m going alone ’cause I’m your man
I have got you on my mind
And my ever lovin’ hand

Chorus to “Ever Lovin’ Hand” by Tyler Childers.

The lyrics here are about as close as you can get to being explicit without actually being explicit. He essentially says that when his wife is alone, and preparing for self-pleasure, she thinks of him, just as he does while he’s alone in his hotel room.

Childers admits that it’s “hard” out on the road, suggesting temptations that he must deny, coupled with warding off the loneliness. Note the use of “fruit” and its connection the “forbidden fruit” of temptation, a likely reality for both parties in this relationship.

He’s keeping on alone because of his commitment to his wife, and he’s surely thinking of her while he pleasures himself.

The second verse brings a dose of humor:

For a moment, you were here
Moment passed and you were gone
Leavin’ me to clean the mess
That you clearly helped to cause
When the boys ask how I slept
I’ll just look ’em in the eye
Tell them all you’d come to visit
I didn’t get a wink of sleep last night

Second verse to “Ever Lovin’ Hand” by Tyler Childers.

Again, Tyler notes that he can almost feel the presence of his wife. Then she was gone, and he’s left to deal with the aftermath. We all know what he’s talking about here, I don’t need to say it.

Then, in the morning, he goes downstairs all bleary-eyed from being up all night, and tells the band that his wife came to visit and he didn’t sleep at all.

One final chorus closes things off, and the tour van barrels onward down the line.

Listen to the studio version of “Ever Lovin’ Hand” by Tyler Childers below. See a live version from late 2019 below that.

Tyler Childers – “Ever Lovin’ Hand” (Studio)

Tyler Childers – “Ever Lovin’ Hand” (Live 2019)