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MK1238 – “Bussdown” feat. Da Ville-Ins

Charleston music is a dynamic melting pot, embracing new styles and collaborations that push and keep alive the breath of elevated creativity. In the #GxldApproved spotlight today, is a joint venture by producer MK1238 and rap artists Buddy Bambahda and VilleMadeRizzy called “Bussdown”. This track sets the stage for an exciting upcoming album, Devil In The Details, fully produced by MK1238 and showcasing the lyrical prowess and chemistry of “Da Ville-Ins”-Buddy Bambahda and VilleMadeRizzy.

“Bussdown” grabbed my attention with its solid dynamic of sharp-tongued lyricism and tailored production. Both Buddy Bambahda and VilleMadeRizzy showcase their individuality while maintaining a seamless bouncy back-and-forth flow throughout the song. They briefly exhibited such cohesion in their recently released #GxldApproved freestyle “Hennessy Wings“. Their lyrical skills intertwine effortlessly, creating an engaging and captivating listen, with the message of demanding and standing on the principles of money, power, and respect.

Buddy Bambahda delivers a more boutique flow, with a paced ease to it. VilleMadeRizzy has the same steady pace, but with a more punchy, dynamic delivery. Both possessing high level lyrical abilities, creating a fusion of fuego.

Behind the boards, producer MK1238 demonstrates his talent, setting the stage for “Bussdown” with a carefully crafted beat. With an ear for catchy melodies and infectious rhythms, MK1238 creates a vibrant sonic landscape that perfectly complements the lyrical delivery of Buddy Bambahda and VilleMadeRizzy. The production elements blend well with the artists’ performances, resulting in a cohesive and full sound with layers, breaks, and space for ‘Da Ville-Ins’to flex.

“Bussdown” serves as an exciting prelude to an upcoming album that promises to showcase the full potential of MK1238 and “Da Ville-Ins.” Listeners can expect a body of work that not only highlights the individual light of these artists, but also emphasizes their collective synergy. With MK1238 at the helm of production, being a new and impressive sound to my ears, this #GxldApproved collab is on my radar.

Take a listen to “Bussdown” and get prepped for the MK1238’s collaborative album Devil In The Details featuring Buddy Bambahda and VilleMadeRizzy as ‘Da Ville-Ins’.