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Brave Baby – “East Coast Dialect” / “Dial Tones”

Brave Baby released two new tracks, “East Coast Dialect” and “Dial Tones,” on Friday. The songs follow “S.O.T.A.” / “Dirt Patch Court” as the most recent releases in the band’s scheme to drop a pair of new tunes every six weeks, and both were recorded at The Space.

“East Coast Dialect” opens with a deep, plucky bass line and matching drums, a sprinkling of guitar jingling in the background. 

The song calls to mind alt-rock songs of the 90s/early 2000s in some ways: Masters’ vocals are bright and almost like speaking in some verses, and fast guitar rounds out the chorus, in which he sings “She ain’t never been past the Mississippi.”

“Dial Tones” opens with sharper guitar and synth sounds in a more expansive soundscape. The bass jammy, but the mood is heavier, lyrically: “On the phone / You told me you got clean / You hadn’t used in weeks / You were feeling green,” Masters sings. 

The track continues to describe a relationship with someone who is on the verge of total self-destruction and the panic of trying to get through to them. “Is it bad that I’m thinking that you might die / If you don’t change,” is another standout lyric.

While the songs differ thematically, both contain the bounce and verve that is characteristic of a Brave Baby track. Stream them below.