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She Returns From War – “Amerosa”

She Returns From War has just released “Amerosa”, the second single from her upcoming sophomore album Ruthless. The new song follows lead single “Mignonette”, and comes just under one month in advance of She Returns From War’s co-headlining performance at Extra Chill Fest, taking place at Charleston Pour House on August 19.

Recorded at The Space with producer Wolfgang Zimmerman, “Amerosa” is led by a slithering beat that brings to mind a night drinking at the Park Circle bars that songstress Hunter Park evokes with the lyrics, as she sings, “I was the angel of East Montague, ’til the wisdom clipped my wings.”

Hunter recalls the creation of “Amerosa”, one of the first songs she wrote for what became the new album. She cites Joel Hamilton and Josh Kaler as big contributors to the way it sounds:

At this point it wasn’t even a record, it was a group of songs I was trying to explore how to make more dynamic. Joel in his incredibly talented way made a beat with staccato strings and some other instruments to help flesh out the song. When we sent it over to Josh Kaler he put down some steel like nothing I’d ever heard before.

She Returns from War on the creation of “Amerosa”.

Lyrically, Hunter says that the song is more personal. She explains that while it was written with a personal memory in mind, it became an exercise in turn of phrase:

“Amerosa” is lyrically very personal and about a specific experience to me but some of the turn of phrase is heard in common conversation so much, it’s almost like the whole song is about deflecting using turn of phrase. Amerosa could be a name or a feeling, something you want to know like the back of your hand or wish to forget.

She Returns From War on the meaning of “Amerosa”.

Hunter’s vocals prance around the haunting arrangement, creating a sense of dissonance that is highlighted by the poetic and abstract nature of the lyrics. Rather than tell a story, the lyrics depict the whirlwind of emotions that come from the story, with a few concrete actions thrown in to keep things grounded.

This has been a landmark year thus far for She Returns From War, as the American music landscape begins to recognize the truth that exists within Hunter Park’s songwriting. A stellar full-band performance at High Water Fest led into a set at Stagecoach, plus Extra Chill Fest in August and supporting slots with both Erin Rae and S.G. Goodman on tour in October.

Hailing from the historically rich city of Charleston, South Carolina, She Returns From War defines what it means to not only live in the modern south, but to be a trans woman and artist within this landscape.

Listen to “Amerosa” by She Returns From War below, and see full tour dates below that. Get tickets to Extra Chill Fest here.

She Returns From War 2023 Tour Dates

19 Aug 23 – Extra Chill Fest 2023 – Charleston Pour House – Charleston, SC
15 Oct 23 – Supporting Erin Rae – Standard Deluxe – Waverly, AL
18 Oct 23 – Supporting Erin Rae – Thirdman Records Blue Room – Nashville, TN
20 Oct 23 – Supporting Erin Rae – Judson & Moore – Chicago, IL
21 Oct 23 – Supporting Erin Rae – Judson & Moore – Chicago, IL
22 Oct 23 – Supporting Erin Rae – Raccoon Motel – Davenport, IA
23 Oct 23 – Supporting Erin Rae – 7th Street Entry – Minneapolis, MN
24 Oct 23 – Supporting S.G. Goodman – Charleston Pour House – Charleston, SC 
25 Oct 23 – Supporting S.G. Goodman –  Neighborhood Theatre – Charlotte, NC
26 Oct 23 – Supporting S.G. Goodman – The Southern Cafe and Music Hall – Charlottesville, VA