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Little Stranger – “Waste My Time” (with Collie Buddz)

Last Friday, hip hop duo Little Stranger teamed up with reggae legend Collie Buddz to release a new summer jam, “Waste My Time.” The track was released as part of Cali Roots Riddim, a 23-song album featuring collaborations by artists who performed at Cali Roots Festival back in May of this year.

“Waste My Time” is a breezy tune that begins with an acoustic guitar and some melodic “ooo”s, followed by a classic reggae beat.

While the track feels lighthearted, sonically, the lyrics deal with relationship woes, specifically the conflict that ensues when one party is more attached than the other.

“I don’t want to waste my time,” the chorus repeats, lamenting the fact that the other person is clinging to them or trapping them.

The track ultimately suggests that perhaps both people are better off if they go their separate ways.

“Waste My Time” melds the roots sound we know and love from Collie Buddz with the snappy, energetic hip hop stylings of Little Stranger, a collaboration that feels like a no-brainer.

The track was produced by Collie Buddz and J-Vibe. Stream “Waste My Time” below.