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Little Stranger – “Cool Kids” (with Jarv & Damn Skippy)

Little Stranger dropped a new single, “Cool Kids,” featuring Brooklyn-based rapper Jarv and one half of local hip-hop duo Skip’lo, Damn Skippy, on Friday. 

“Cool Kids” starts with a simple beat and cheeky wompa-wompa-womp vocals, laying the foundation for what’s going to be a mischievous track. 

This sense of playfulness is cemented with the opening line: “I got a call from my homies and they said what’s up man / At the rec center we could reenact space jam.”

From here, the rappers alternate nostalgic stories of getting into trouble in their childhood, with lines like “I make bad choices like a fugitive / I’ll admit it might sound like stupid shit” and “Being a bad boy setting fires in the woods.”

The chorus repeats “All the cool kids are doing it” like a good-natured peer pressuring session.

“Cool Kids” later delves into the more adult hijinx of drinking beers and smoking weed, all the while maintaining that “all the cool kids are doing it.” 

The track closes with sing-songy “la la las” over the refrain, repeating like an enjoyable taunt.

Stream the new track below – all the cool kids are doing it.