Beach Sex – A Penny’s A Plenty (Debut Single / Music Video)

Beach Sex is a brand new beach rock trio from Charleston who just released their debut single / music video combo, “A Penny’s A Plenty”. I saw these guys open for Whitehall at The Purple Buffalo last week and it was super chill. All three of them wore ski masks on stage and played duck-taped rock n’ roll with a vibe that made me think of late 90’s Modest Mouse. The ski masks help perpetuate the band’s anonymity, as they didn’t hang around after the set. They dipped out the back door and nobody saw them for the rest of the night (for the most part). That was also their first show, so you can reasonably expect more of these antics in the future.

Beach Sex at The Purple Buffalo. Photo: @betweenthesoundmachine

The video for “A Penny’s A Plenty” was filmed in one take on what appears to be Folly Beach, and depicts a girl on a blanket reading a book with waves crashing in the background, with editing to coincide with the song. The background changes colors and patterns, and the lyrics are included so you can read along as the song progresses. It looks like they just left a camera on a tripod recording over a period of time while the girl sat there reading, and picked the frame they liked the most to use in the video. Makes you wonder how long the girl actually sat on the beach.

Overall I think this has been a really cool way for Beach Sex to make their debut into the Charleston music scene. The music video is professional, allows potential fans to learn the words to the song, and at the same time makes you bob your head. The performance and the anonymous stage presence was interesting, and I would definitely like to see another Beach Sex show.  Check out the music video for “A Penny’s A Plenty” below, and stay tuned for them to announce more shows and release more music soon. While you’re at it, go give them a like on Facebook.

Beach Sex – A Penny’s A Plenty (Music Video)

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