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Jermaine – “Fishbowl Fancy”

Our journey through Charleston’s underground, independent hip-hop scene under #GxldApproved brings us another artist you NEED TO KNOW. Today, we’re highlighting Jermaine, another talented member from the BGR Family to whom I was introduced by CrucialBGR.

Jermaine’s track “Fishbowl Fancy” delivers a distinct flavor to Charleston street music, as he shares his own experiences and views on being money motivated. His principles and drive are at the forefront, demonstrating how he maintains that motivation ‘by hook or crook’.

“Fishbowl Fancy” feels like an early, East-Atlanta, Gucci Mane track, complete with braggadocious lyricism, wavy adlibs, a 3-bar bounce, and action-packed content. The energy is infectious, a testament to Jermaine’s unique delivery and authenticity:

“Cold water, cold water, been too hot, my nose runnin’/I been in the road runnin/kick yo’ door that’s 12 runnin’/had to make a play, with no pay, on the interstate/swervin lane to lane, gettin’ b****, what a f****n day”.

Jermaine’s “Fishbowl Fancy” is definitely a #GxldApproved street sweeper you need to bop to. As an artist with a growing catalog full of hot content, Jermaine is a must-know for fans of Charleston’s trap-based hip-hop genre. Tap in and become familiar with this burgeoning talent from the BGR Family.