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Black Nicholson – “Coyote Hill”

Black Nicholson released a new single, “Coyote Hill,” on Tuesday. It follows the song “Limelight” as the next in a string of releases the artist has been putting out over the last few weeks.

“Coyote Hill” shows Nicholson indulging in his characteristic experimentation, playing with sounds and instruments. The chime of a xylophone and a retro guitar mingle with a steady beat that continues throughout the track.

Nicholson’s vocals have an unmistakable shoegaze quality, melding pretty melody with fuzzy recording, echos and loops. “I know the hieroglyph you seek,” he sings, or, we think, as the lyrics are intentionally hard to make out through the distortion. 

This track is an appealing example of Nicholson’s creative experiments in the world of DIY sound. Stream “Coyote Hill” below.