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SKIP’LO – “Let’s Eat”

SKIP’LO, the local hip-hop duo composed of rappers Damn Skippy (a.k.a. Alex Veazey) and Appollo Valdez, released a new song, “Let’s Eat,” this weekend. It’s an energetic track in the quirky style that SKIP’LO has established as signature. The two rappers declare they’re ready to “show ya how Summerville and Charleston do,” and they succeed.

The witticisms in “Let’s Eat” are abundant: “I’m the lyrical chef,” “My p’s are never off, my q’s are over me,” and the sheer pace both artists employ while rapping is remarkable. Produced by Leaf Eater, the quick beat matches the energy of their words. The track was mixed by Matt Zutell of Coast Records. 

The collaboration between Damn Skippy and Appollo Valdez has proved to be a lot of fun so far, and we’re looking forward to hearing what SKIP’LO has in store for us next. Listen to “Let’s Eat” below.