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Laurlyn – “Honey”

Up-and-coming Indie-pop artist Laurlyn released her second single, “Honey,” on Friday. The track was engineered, produced, and mixed by Matt Tuton at The Lab and mastered by Jeremy Lubsey.

“Honey” is as sweet as the title implies without veering saccharin. The track is crisp and catchy, yet layered with enough complexity to leave a lasting impression. Laurlyn’s bold and earnest vocals are the driving force, supported by a prominent beat. Echos and piano touches add depth. 

Lyrically, the song explores the dynamics of a relationship in which one person is wary of being themselves or making mistakes, a theme that is clear from the opening line: “All the times I tried to hide / Parts of me you didn’t like.” Ultimately the song encourages the more reserved party to accept their spot in the limelight. 

We’re excited to hear what’s next from Laurlyn. Stream “Honey” below.