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Homemade Haircuts Releases Debut Album, Sun Showers

Homemade Haircuts released their debut album, Sun Showers, on Friday. The ten-song project includes tracks “Jasmine,” “Ghost Town,” and “Hourglass,” which were released as singles earlier this year, along with seven brand new songs. 

Sun Showers hits with bright, clean guitar, delicious drum kicks, layered vocals, a tiny bit of beach-dazed reverb, and just enough noise. The tracks run the gamut from upbeat and frenetic (“Rainforest Cafe”, “Oslo”), to more morose (“Great Lakes”). 

There is enough distinction between songs to allow each one to stand strong on its own, but, experienced as a whole, the album comes together in textured cohesion. 

According to one of the band’s Instagram posts, “Making this record was a serious effort at having fun,” and that rings true upon listening. Stream Sun Showers by Homemade Haircuts below.