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Doom Flamingo – “Happy Boi” (Video)

Doom Flamingo released a new single, “Happy Boi,” on Thursday. The track is the first song to be released off their upcoming debut full-length album and, like earlier release “Lux Noir,” is paired with a music video directed by Paul Chelmis.

“Happy Boi” is bright, buoyant, and over in a flash. Bubbly electronic tones are cut with the deep, vibrating bass that feels characteristic of the band, keeping the track from being too light. 

The music video shows bassit Ryan Stasik being a menace and a bully at an arcade. Singer Kanika Moore, an employee, leads the kids in unleashing a battle of revenge against Stasik that ends with the musician being wrangled with game tickets and escorted limply off the premises by the children.

The sonic vibrance of “Happy Boi” feels as refreshing as stepping into a heavily air-conditioned room in the peak of summer, and we’re waiting with baited breath to see what Doom Flamingo has coming up next. Watch the video for “Happy Boi” below and catch them live this Thursday at The Windjammer on Isle of Palms.