Heyrocco – “Love Drunk”

Former Charleston band Heyrocco is back with “Love Drunk,” the group’s first release since the 2019 EP Mexican Ashtray, and it’s a wild ride. The single is a bit of a departure from the indie-grunge sound we would expect from Heyrocco — instead, it’s a hazy saunter through the desert. “Love Drunk” opens with a distinctly country guitar sound, but then another guitar ambles in, more raw and jangly, which feels closer to the sonic expressions we’ve grown accustomed to from the band. 

“I’m love drunk, come kiss me,” singer Nate Merli states from the get-go, not only do we believe him, but we want to join in. The lyrics continue to reference cowboy motifs throughout the song, like throwing punches, riding horses, and not getting along with law enforcement. And it works. What sounds more appealing in these precarious times than heading west to live as an outlaw? The track is sure to be played on repeat through the fall.

Stream “Love Drunk” by Heyrocco below.

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