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Native Son – “The Land” (Video)

Native Son is the new collaborative hip-hop project featuring Charleston heavyweights Benny Starr and Rodrick Cliche. After releasing a pair of demos back in March, the duo makes their official debut today with a song called “The Land”. The song was released in partnership with Acres of Ancestry Initiative / Black Agrarian Fund, and serves to benefit the Black Farmers’ Appeal: Cancel Pigford Debt Campaign.

“The Land” was released along with a music video that begins with some educational slides about the injustices of the Pigford v. Glickman class action lawsuit and the negative implications it has had for black farmers and land owners.

Then it cuts to Benny in the studio, rapping about black empowerment and presenting himself as a leader who is here to take back the land. Benny has already been working within the Charleston community with a blend politics and music for years, and Native Son serves as another avenue for him to present his powerful message, with Rodrick providing an excellent musical backdrop.

The video ends with a clip from an interview with black farmer and land owner Eddie Slaughter, who discusses his excitement to pass down his land through his family, and points out the significance of land ownership as a mark of true freedom.

Watch the video for “The Land” by Native Son below, shot and directed by Daniel Green.