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Cry Baby – “1991” (Video)

Last night, Charleston “sauce lords” Cry Baby premiered a rockin’ new single called “1991”, along with an equally-lit music video created by the talented Mia Naome. Despite none of the band members even being alive in the year 1991, Cry Baby’s newest single is all about wanting to party like it’s 1991. I wasn’t alive in 1991 either, but I can echo their sentiment about wanting to party, and this song combined with the everlasting pandemic has me wanting to put some whiskey in my coffee and get going early this morning.

“1991” has the band repping their throwback style that is so far into the corn field that it stops being corny and becomes original. They’ve also got Jamie Gray, who is one of the best vocalists in Charleston, so that certainly helps. This track is also the first Cry Baby song to feature a rap verse, hit with elegance by drummer Matthew Allegrezza.

Enjoy the music video for “1991” by Cry Baby below.

UPDATE: I’m now three Irish coffees deep and dancing around the office like a fool.