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Quinn Cicala – “New York Times”

Songwriter Quinn Cicala, who is now based in Atlanta, released a new single, “New York Times,” late last month. Also featured on the song are Matteo DeBenedetti, Joe McLaughlin, Briana O’Reilly, and Mark Masefield on bass, drums/guitar, vocals, and piano/organ, respectively. 

“New York Times” opens with just Cicala’s voice and an acoustic guitar, making it clear that his narrative lyricism will be the focal point of the track. “Seeing you is a curse but a blessing,” he sings, and a bigger band song builds behind him, punctuating the words of love and loss with emotion.

“If I had anything / Besides advice from the New York Times / I’d pick you up and take you home” is repeated. “Assuming you’re not telling the truth / When you say it’s not so bad / I’d rather it be me than you” is another devastatingly relatable line. The song is rich with satisfying melancholy emphasized by precise and fluid instrumentation.

“It’s deeply personal to me, and every time I listen I’m like wow my friends can play,” said Cicala on an Instagram post announcing the track. 

Stream “New York Times” below and catch Cicala in Columbia, SC at Curiosity Coffee Bar with Bones Hamilton on May 11th.