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Daddy’s Beemer – “Dancer”

Daddy’s Beemer have been in Charleston for almost a year now, and during that short time they have already proven themselves to be a bunch of delinquents. From asking for PBR at The Royal American to stealing the microphone at house shows, Daddy’s Beemer are like the neighborhood kids who ding dong ditch your house but can’t run fast enough to escape before you recognize them. Still, they keep coming back, and ringing your doorbell, and you can’t bring yourself to call the cops.

This morning, Daddy’s Beemer released a new single called “Dancer”. The single’s release comes after a week of the band relentlessly spamming for Spotify pre-saves on Instragram. “Dancer” comes from the full-length album that they recorded with Preston Dunnavant at a lake house in the middle of nowhere South Carolina, and will be releasing on March 27th. And yes, we did pre-save the track ourselves.

What a waste of time. I don’t know what they were doing at that lake house, but if this is what they call “recording music”, then things aren’t looking good for Daddy’s Beemer.

Daddy’s Beemer tried weasel their way onto the bill for The Extra Chill Leap Year Jamboree at The Royal American, but we went with Nordista Freeze, Easy Honey, and Fleur Geurl instead. We know you don’t actually want to see Daddy’s Beemer live, but in the interest of journalism we feel obligated to let you know that they’ll be playing the Music Farm on that same night, February 29th, as part of the 1770 Records Leap Day Show. They’ll be joined by Tennis Courts and Syllolet, and tickets are available for $10 here.

Listen to “Dancer” by Daddy’s Beemer below.