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Daddy’s Beemer – DAN VS WILD

Every Wednesday leading up to the June 5th release of their new album, Denmark, neighborhood hooligans Daddy’s Beemer have been releasing new video content. First, it was a live session for “Boxes”, then a commercial for Denmark CDs, and now today, in honor of drummer Dan Fetterolf’s birthday, the band has released a special segment titled DAN VS WILD. Crikey!

This week, the rest of Daddy’s Beemer have decided to test Dan’s survival skills by hiding a bag of sour cream & onion chips in the woods of Denmark, South Carolina, and setting him out to find them. We won’t give the ending away, but it’s already a well-known fact that Brady and Wesley have zero conscience and extremely cruel intentions at all times, so you can probably guess where this one goes.

While these past two videos have been entertaining, one might wonder if Daddy’s Beemer, the indie rock band, might be wise to spend more time practicing their musical instruments instead. Especially with an album release coming so soon.

Tune into DAN VS WILD below, and stay tuned for Denmark dropping June 5th.