JD Moon – “Total Control”

This morning, former SondorBlue vocalist and bassist Andrew Halley released a single under his new project, JD Moon, called “Total Control”. According to a recent post on his Instagram, this track is the first single off his upcoming debut album Time Ghosts. Halley has been hard at work recording music with his friend Taylor MacDonald ever since the quiet dissolving of SondorBlue last year.

“Total Control” is much different from the music that Halley had been making with SondorBlue, but it is somewhat in line with the direction they started taking with their final release, “Red Song”. It’s pop-driven in a more traditional sense than what we heard from most of SondorBlue’s releases, yet it’s clear that Halley has spent a good deal of time experimenting with tones and textures over the past year or so. Naturally Andrew’s vocals are still a strong point with what JD Moon has released thus far, which includes two other singles, “No Money”, and “Carma Court”, both of which can be found on Spotify.

Listen to “Total Control” by JD Moon below, and stay tuned for more news on the upcoming release of Time Ghosts.

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