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Premiere: SondorBlue – “Red Song” (Video)

Earlier this week, SondorBlue released “Red Song”, their first new single since the EP You Will Find Love on Ashley Avenue came out about a year ago. “Red Song” follows a successful summer that included a string of tour dates throughout the Southeast, and festival slots at Firefly, Summerfest, and Charleston’s very own Summer Shindig.

This morning, we’re happy to share with you the official music video for “Red Song”, along with some thoughts from SondorBlue’s Andrew Halley about the direction that SondorBlue is headed as a band. Their lifestyle collective, The Rapscallion Club, was announced in tandem with the “Red Song” release, and it’s become clear that SondorBlue is pushing their artistic boundaries and trying to do something new with their talents.

“For the past year we have been, when we’re not playing shows, devoting our time to developing our craft in the studio and expanding our breadth of artistry–both out of passion and necessity,” Andrew explains. “‘Red Song’ is the first song we’ve put out where each of us really committed to our blossoming passions at every step in the process.”

Andrew tells how SondorBlue member John Sheehan has discovered a passion for graphic design and video editing, and has immersed himself in learning as much as possible about those crafts, both to benefit the band and to satisfy his own creativity.

“Within the band and our collective, The Rapscallion Club, this has been a time of watching the small passion(s) within each of us become much larger than we could have predicted,” Halley continues. “It’s been nice taking the time to make mistakes in the comfort of our own privacy, which has led all of us to live truly happier lives because the end product is exactly what our minds envisioned from the start.”

To close, Andrew said that “Red Song” is about everyone’s desire to fit in. “We all want to feel accepted in a day and age where we constantly question who we are or what we want to be, because technology provides us with too many different options of our ‘me’ in an an ideal world,” he says. “But the world is hardly ideal, and the closest any of us will get to our archetypal ‘me’ is when we realize and empathize with our own, and, everybody else’s innate desire to feel accepted. We all want to be a part of something that feels like us, but isn’t us.”

Check out the video for “Red Song” by SondorBlue below, and see the first t-shirt design from The Rapscallion Club here.