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Extra Chill Fest Artist Profile: Tom Angst

Photo: Dietrich Gunther

Tom Angst is a twee pop band from Greenville, SC. They are part of the Pablo Generation, a collective based out of Clemson that is centered around a house show venue that’s been dubbed Pablo. The bands in the Pablo Generation all got their start playing shows at Pablo, and many of them are now branching out to play bigger venues and book tours well outside of South Carolina.

Tom Angst is one of the frontrunners of the Pablo Generation. In Charleston alone, Tom Angst has opened for bands like Waxahatchee and Saintseneca at The Royal American, and their infectious sound has been spreading rapidly around the Southeast. It’s no secret that people love Tom Angst, and all you have to do is listen to their self-titled EP to find out why.

Extra Chill has been closely following Tom Angst since their first single, “Inferiority Complex”, was released about a year ago. Then the full EP came about a month later, and we’ve had it cranking over here at Extra Chill HQ ever since. It still hasn’t gotten old. Rumor has it that Tom Angst has almost wrapped up their second EP. There should be some news coming in that regard soon.

As you can probably tell, we’re absolutely floored to have Tom Angst on the lineup for Extra Chill Fest. Below you’ll find the Tom Angst EP as well as the music video for “Inferiority Complex”, and as a bonus I’ve included a video of them playing an unreleased song called “Matthew” live at The Royal American.

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