Tom Angst Releases Debut Single “Inferiority Complex”

Tom Angst is a fairly new band from the Greenville area that have started to make a name for themselves playing shows at venues like The Radio Room and The Spinning Jenny, and of course prominent house venues in the area like Pablo and The Concrete Castle. Their debut single “Inferiority Complex” was released this morning, and will serve as the lead single on their debut EP which is due out August 18th. They recorded the EP at Black Sneaker Souls Studio in Greenville back in May, and it is almost ready to be unleashed upon the world.

Singer and band leader Danielle McConaghy has a light voice that floats along freely atop the smooth indie melodies created by the rest of the band, consisting of Pearson Parham on guitar, Jonah Hunter on bass, and Sal Bruno on drums. The recording is crisp and cool, and Danielle’s lyrics touch upon the anxiety associated with growing older and trying to get out of your home town.

We wholeheartedly welcome “Inferiority Complex” and the sound of Tom Angst to the scene, and look forward to hearing the rest of the EP. Stream the single below.

Tom Angst – Inferiority Complex

Chris Huber

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